Law 6 – Create your own Galaxy

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We tend to come up with ideas that are aimed at serving a specific audience.

Here’s a thought: how about you reset your thinking to take that same idea and blow it up so you don’t just own a star, you own an entire galaxy?

No-one has done this better than Jeff Bezos of Amazon. Say what you want about the man, but he started out selling books online, and now he sells just about everything you can think of.

Now that’s galaxy thinking.


We often have an idea and it may be focused on serving a specific audience but how about you reset your thinking to take that that same idea and take much bigger so that you own the galaxy not just the star. To own your galaxy lets think of that same idea in three different ways:
Do the Same thing but change your audience:
Keep what you are doing but change your audience. Say I’m a strategist and I only work for big businesses, could I target more than just big business and work with start ups and smaller business to make my market wider for more opportunities?
Do the same thing, but change how you reach people
Stick with what you are doing but change how you reach people or do business. So I’m a brand consultant, instead of spending all my time one-on- one with people, could I do the same thing through creating online branding modules to reach way more people?
Do your skill but do it differently.
Stick in your industry but do something slightly different to get way more opportunity. So, you’re a photographer but only for events, but recently boudoir shoots are now where its at and growing worldwide. Take your same skill but do it for a different purpose.
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