Law 5 – Do it Now

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No-one wants to go back to 1990-neverland.

You wait for life to happen, then it’s all over and poof, you’re dead. Sorry if that wasn’t the bedtime story you were hoping for but I’m here to wake your ass up, not tuck you in at night.

Success is not just about great ideas. It’s about taking action.


No one wants to go back to 1990-never. You wait for life to happen, then its all over and poof you’re dead.
Real success relies on taking action and doing it NOW.
Most people can get stuck into having ideas but thinking they can wait till tomorrow versus just taking the plunge and doing them today . Don’t let your ideas slide into the next day.
The worlds most successful entrepreneurs or brands all understand if there is an opportunity, sometimes you don't need to over think it, you just need to do it and do it before someone else does.
Take 5 everyday and ask yourself did I take action? If the answer is no, make it your business to do it there and then so that it doesn't slide into the next day and they next day and the next day that's becomes never.
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